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Accredited by Northern Academy

Our IELTS curriculum was designed by language and IELTS experts from the world’s top Universities. It was created by Northern Academy, a test preparation school in Canada. With years of test preparation experience and countless success stories under their belt, Northern Academy’s IELTS teachers are extending their expertise online to help students all around the world. Every video, lesson, handout, and practice test has been created and certified by their team of qualified IELTS teachers.

IELTS Fluency Canadian Teachers

Qualified Canadian
IELTS teachers

All IELTS Fluency teachers are trained and qualified IELTS teachers from Northern Academy in Ontario, Canada. We are a team of certified teachers, IELTS experts, and linguists, who have come together to help students overcome the IELTS test. Our team of specialists has helped students get into the world’s top Universities and immigrate to their dream English-speaking countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States).


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