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Jaskirat Singh
Jaskirat Singh
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I would like to thank my teacher, Kyle. Because of him, I was able to get a 7.5 band score. I really enjoyed all of the lessons and thanks to him, my English improved significantly and I was able to get my Canadian permanent residence.
Siba Saddkni
Siba Saddkni
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When I first met my teacher, I was struggling with my IELTS process, but in a short period of time, they were able to help me reach Band 7.0. I am so glad I found IELTS Fluency and definitely recommend it to all IELTS candidates.
Aarti Sharma
Aarti Sharma
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I needed to take IELTS for Canadian immigration purposes, and IELTS Fluency helped me a lot. In those few weeks of coaching I learned a lot of things from them. I was only able to achieve my target band score because of IELTS Fluency. Thank you very much!
Simon Hong
Hong Kong
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I signed up for help with the IELTS test, but I also feel like I received expert English lessons along the way for free. Thank you IELTS Fluency!

IELTS Leaders

Follow an IELTS curriculum designed by language and IELTS experts from the world’s top Universities. Our IELTS Fluency curriculum is currently being taught within schools in Canada and is accredited by Northern Academy.

IELTS is your #1 way of getting into the world’s top English-speaking Universities, fast tracking immigration into English-speaking countries, and finding meaningful work abroad. Join our long list of alumni who are currently living out their dreams!

What's Included?

IELTS Fluency includes full course modules for all 4 sections of the test. Students will receive instant access to all of our course models. Which include: 

TASK 1 Writing - Academic

  • Learn how to structure your ACADEMIC writing tasks
  • Use subject-specific vocabulary and advanced grammar
  • Accurately understand and describe complex diagrams and charts
  • Gain instant access to lessons, handouts, and mock tests for ALL Academic Task 1 question types

TASK 1 Writing - General

  • Learn how to structure your    GENERAL writing tasks
  • Use subject-specific vocabulary and advanced grammar
  • Write professional and accurate letters for different situations
  • Gain instant access to lessons, handouts, and mock tests for ALL General Task 1 question types

TASK 2 Writing

  • Learn how to structure your TASK 2 personal essay
  • Use subject-specific vocabulary and advanced grammar
  • Properly respond to ALL task 2 writing question variations
  • Gain instant access to lessons, handouts, and mock tests for ALL Task 2 question types


  • Learn how to strategically read larger articles to find answers and save time
  • Learn how to use skimming, scanning, and keywords to your advantage
  • Watch teacher-led videos that take up every test question and provide advice
  • Gain instant access to lessons, handouts, and mock tests for ALL reading question types


  • Learn critical listening strategies to ensure you do not miss answers
  • Learn to avoid the different kinds of listening “traps” examiners use
  • Practice listening to a variety of different English accents 
  • Gain instant access to lessons, handouts, and mock tests for ALL listening question types


  • Learn how to structure your verbal responses for all 3 parts of the test
  • Learn how to come up with ideas on the spot and avoid awkward pauses
  • Practice speaking with teachers who will demonstrate band 9 responses
  • Gain instant access to lessons, handouts, and mock tests for ALL speaking question types


With personalized teacher feedback

Receive personalized feedback from IELTS teachers who will identify your areas of weakness and help you improve. Customized corrections are a great way to get professional feedback in areas that are hard to assess yourself, such as writing and speaking. Our trained IELTS teachers will provide you with the expert advice you need to improve your band score.  

Best IELTS Writing correction service


With full IELTS mocks tests

Receive access to dozens of practice IELTS tests and questions for reading, listening, writing, and speaking. All tests have been created by IELTS teachers and were designed to replicate the real IELTS test as closely as possible. This allows you to monitor your growth and find your areas of weakness faster than studying on your own.


From lessons taught by IELTS teachers

All video lessons are created and taught by real IELTS teachers. Every teacher is qualified and trained by Canadian test preparation experts at Northern Academy. Decades of experience have gone into curating each lesson to ensure that you learn exactly what you need to succeed on test day.

IELTS Lessons created by IELTS teachers


Using up-to-date IELTS handouts

Spend more time practicing and less time taking notes. Every lesson comes with advanced handouts made by the IELTS teacher of the lesson. Each handout has been made to go over the important features of every question type that you need to succeed. These are amazing resources to have by your side while you move throughout the course and put your skills to the test.

Meet your

IELTS Teachers

All our teachers are qualified Canadian educators with extensive backgrounds in IELTS training and ESL. We ensure all of our teachers meet our high standard for academic excellence and have the right experience to help their students succeed.

IELTS-Passing Courses

All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars ($CAD).

IELTS Course

SALE - $100 OFF and 1 Free Feedback Service
$ 249
  • 120+ hour IELTS course
  • Teacher Walkthrough Lessons
  • Full Mock Tests
  • Strategy Handouts
  • Signed Certificate after Completion
  • 24/7 Teacher Support
  • Lifetime Access


$ 495
  • 120+ hour IELTS course
  • Feedback Service (x5)
  • Personalized Writing Feedback and 1-on-1 support
  • Personalized Speaking Feedback and 1-on-1 support
  • Teacher Walkthrough Lessons
  • Full Mock Tests
  • Strategy Handouts
  • Signed Certificate after Completion
  • 24/7 Teacher Support
  • Lifetime Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

View the answers to our most common question

Most students can finish our course in 120 hours. Your specific time may vary as the course is self-paced and depends on how many hours per day/week you plan to put in.

Yes. All of our lessons have been pre-recorded by our IELTS teachers and uploaded to the course for you to view. This allows you to view the course material at any time.

Personal feedback and speaking tests are NOT pre-recorded and require you to meet with an IELTS teacher via video call. 

Both courses contain the exact same 120-hour IELTS course – both with the same modules, video lessons, mock tests, and handouts. The only difference is that the IELTS VIP course comes with 5 personal feedback sessions with an IELTS teacher (one-on-one). The other IELTS course does not.

We accept all major credit cards from every country. If your credit card does not work, please contact us at IELTS@nacademy.ca and we will help you enrol. 

We charge in Canadian dollars because our school is located in Canada! It is easier (and cheaper) to charge in our local currency. It helps us keep the course prices down by avoiding extra currency conversion fees.

Your credit card will manage the currency conversion for you. Simply pay with your credit card like you would any other purchase and your card will convert the payment automatically. If you are having troubles, please contact us.

The short answer is YES. One Canadian dollar is worth about $0.77 American (at the time of writing this). That makes our course cheaper than an equally priced American course.

Have another question? Email us at IELTS@nacademy.ca