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How to take this test

To properly replicate real exam conditions, it is recommended that you complete all 4 sections together with no pauses or breaks in-between. Use the washroom before you begin.

Test Versions

This test contains Academic and General Training versions of the test for writing only. If you are unsure of which version you should take, take the Academic version. You could also complete both.

Both test versions also come with the option of being Computer Delivered or Paper-Based. Which version you decide to take is up to you, but it is recommended you choose the version you plan to take on test day. This will offer the most realistic type of practice for you. Both versions have the exact questions, format, and level of difficulty.

Read the titles carefully to ensure you taking the appropriate test version for each section. Please skip the versions of the test that do not pertain to you.

Working Audio

You will need working computer speakers or headphones for the listening and speaking portions of the test. Test your computer’s audio before you begin. You should be able to hear the following audio clip. Adjust your computer’s audio levels as needed.


Students will need a pen/pencils, sheets of paper, working computer audio, and a quiet place to work. Students who are taking the computer delivered test will still need a pen and sheets of paper for the note taking throughout the test. Students who are taking the paper-based version of the test will need access to a printer to be able to print the test. These printable versions of the test are available for download within the appropriate sections.


Each section of the test will provide you with the appropriate instructions to follow before you begin. Please read them carefully before you begin.


Since this test in not being monitored by an IELTS examiner, it is very easy to cheat or do things that you would not be able to do on test day (i.e. take a break or use the washroom). To be able to get the most accurate results, you must complete the test fairly and follow proper exam conditions. It is up to you honour the rules and follow the instructions. Your results will be skewed if you do not.

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